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About Us

Open MindzTM is a learning center for children which runs several programs for various age groups. The Open MindzTM after school activities is a uniquely designed educational program comprising of a varied set of activities for children between the ages of 5 and 15.

Our objective is to help young children in developing extraordinary skills and tapping the vast potential of their brains right from a tender age so that they will always be in a position to tackle life head on and take intelligent decisions as they make their way forward in the world.

Our unique curriculums are designed to create multiple opportunities for children to not just explore but also develop complete confidence in their own hidden potential with our skill development programs that would guide them from start to end.

Open MindzTM believes that we need to value and also actively encourage creative freedom in children’s imagination. We also strive to seamlessly integrate the concepts of learning and understanding in children. Hence all our courses are designed to achieve just that.

Basically all the programs are life skills-based educational supplements and are primarily aimed at personality development and child grooming. They revolves around knowledge-sharing through fun and engaging means, rather than rote-style compulsory education through a curricula- and assessment-bound structure.


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What do the Open MindzTM programs do for a child?

At the Open MindzTM programs, children are exposed to discussions and debates on things that they already know and also on the unknown. Primarily, it shapes personality. And how exactly does it do that?

The combination of the knowledge gained from the different presentations and the discussions in class raises their self-esteem. Their interactions with peers, parents, relatives and friends, in general, make them realize how knowledgeable and skilled they are.

They enjoy what is done during the sessions. When they are complimented by elders and appreciated by friends it makes them feel good. This good feeling spreads into their behavior and begets better behavior.

The fear and inhibition of doing the unknown reduces, if not completely vanishes. All this creates a sense of openness in attitude that hopefully will get leveraged later on in life.

All the Open MindzTM activities are designed to encourage children to think, enquire, explore, create and share their knowledge. Children will be made aware of the world around them and will be in a position to discover their latent skills and efficiently leverage those skills.