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Date: 07-04-2014 Author: Jaya

The very idea with which Open MindzTM was conceived was to help youngsters grasp the English language in a fun filled and therefore, fruitful manner.

I have seen cases of little kids who did not learn to read English for some reason or the other at the stipulated age and this often, unknowingly led to other seemingly unrelated behaviors. To cover up that loss of face, these kids would do everything else to mislead or rather lead others away from this otherwise glaring defect.

They would indulge in petty misdemeanors and other undesirable activities thereby making everyone focus on these rather than the actual problem – their lack of reading skills which in turn, might make them a laughing stock of the class. What a tragedy that often goes unnoticed! How painful for these little ones – hiding their shame behind a host of other character denting activities.

Children who developed very good reading skills excel in academic life and more often than not, they excel in social and cultural life. Even children who develop reasonably good reading skills get along with their peers and have a good, balanced childhood leading to a well-adjusted adulthood. You see, these two categories have got what it takes to set a strong foundation to build up other essential life skills; yes, that’s right – reading skills.


And that is where Phonics comes into play; teaching these skills in the right manner such that no child is deprived of the right to a happy childhood and equipped with the necessary life skills.