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Learning Phonics the OpenmindzTM Phonics way! - Part IV

Date: 23-04-2014 Author: Jaya

Parental Involvement

The OpenmindzTM Phonics programme encourages parental support because of the beneficial effect of praise and encouragement to all children while learning. It advises parents to be guided by the pace at which their child wants to go, and to practice letter sounds and literacy skills with them. Extra practice at home and interaction with their parents will lead to greater fluency in the child’s reading and help them manage at school. The OpenmindzTM Phonics programme recognizes that many parents do not know how to help their children whilst learning how to read and write, and offers suggestions and guidance to provide parents with the tools to help them.


Classroom implementation

The OpenmindzTM Phonics program can be implemented into the early primary classroom with minimal resources or training. The Phonics Handbook is a comprehensive teacher resource covering all areas of the programme and photocopiable practice sheets for each of the letter sounds. In addition to the handbook, there are a variety of other resources to support and engage students. Children in their first year at school (aged 4–5) are often able to learn the letter sounds at the suggested teaching rate of 1 sound per week.