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Quick Phonics for the summer vacation

Date: 02-04-2015 Author: Jayalakshmi K.

So the summer holidays have finally set in. Well, not for everyone. There are some who are still trudging to school (albeit happily) in this fast increasing heat and there are those who are lazing in the air conditioned comfort of their homes watching TV; then there are those who have already escaped the heat for cooler pastures.

'Remedial' classes have begun at schools hoping for better output for the coming year. Children will be better off if their spelling and reading skills are improved drastically before the next academic year starts. 

And that is where Open Mindz has decided to chip in. With the help of the Fast Phonics course and the Reader Phonics course, children will be much better equipped to tackle their higher classes; their confidence levels will be tremendously improved and the relevant skills will be enhanced enough to let them breeze through the next year.


Yes, it is the two month Fast Phonics course and the two month Reader Phonics course that will lift your child in terms of the skills required to manage the coming academic year. These courses are meant for children stepping into the second standard and above.

Make use of this opportunity NOW.