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We are offering early bird franchise opportunities!

  • Now why would you want to get into our kind of business i.e. the Phonics business?

    • Many Indian children are unable to read well in English.
    • Lots of parents think that they should wait for their kids to learn ‘slowly’ and then, sadly, miss the bus.
    • Ther are older children who still haven't learnt to read and the Quick Phonic course is aptly tailored for them.
    • The common 'look-and-say' method results only 'Rote' learning which will not help children in the long run.
    • Indian parents want to ensure their kids learn English very well.
    • English is the accepted global language of communication.
    • Reading habits are most developed between ages 4 and 6 years.

  • The Open MindzTM Franchise Opportunity :

    • You can begin a unique, stable and immensely fulfilling business.
    • It is ideal for resourceful women with passion to run their own business in Early Childhood Education.
    • This is a high 'barrier-to-entry' business.
    • The Unique Phonics methodology is practised in over 100 countries.
    • Hardly any competition because Phonics is a relatively new yet tested concept in India.

  • Franchise Set-up :

    • Around 500 sq.ft premises (ground floor, Residential or Semi Residential place preferred).
    • Classroom with white board to illustrate.
    • Music system to play jingles/songs to make sound patterns easily understood.
    • In-house library stocked with select titles, authors and publishers.
    • Play area to motivate kids to wanting to come to the class.

  • What do you get?

    • Exclusivity of territory based on assessment.
    • Course completion certificate to all students issued by Open MindzTM.
    • One Essential Open MindzTM Teaching Kit.
    • One Teacher Training for 3 days in Chennai During April & May.
    • Course curriculum updates.
    • Marketing hand outs and other pre-designed templates.
    • Dedicated Web-page for each Franchise.
    • Franchisee details on the Open MindzTM Contact Us page.

  • Franchise Courses :

    • Full Phonics :  10 month course with thrice a week classes.
    • Grammar : Grammar I to Grammar II, III, IV & V levels.
    • Quick Phonic :  Fast-paced course during summer vacations.
    • Phonic Reader :  Reading classes during summer vacations.

Franchise: Commercials and Terms

  • Tamil Nadu
  • Rest of India and Overseas : Customized
Franchise Commercials for Tamil Nadu Price
Franchise License (one- time, non- refundable) Rs.75,000
Royalty fees (fixed per month) Rs.8,000
*Taxes as Applicable.

* Please Note : 
The Franchise Training of 3 days will be provided in Chennai. Franchisees should be willing to be in Chennai at their own cost for the Training.

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