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There are 5 levels in Grammar I, II, III, IV & V. Grammar I is for Class I students, II for Class II and so on. This program introduces grammar concepts as per their levels. This course is intended to improve vocabulary and comprehension skills. The students are taught spelling patterns along with the use of a dictionary.

An intensive knowledge of English grammar has many general benefits. Some of the advantages of studying English grammar in depth are listed below:

  • Students learning English grammar are better able to understand how the combination of words can create complex meanings and how these can also create subtle literary effects. As a result, students will be in a position to appreciate literature better and they will pay more attention to the text.
  • Sound knowledge of grammar influences students to be analytical and receptive readers.
  • Being able to comprehend English grammar's details improves students' writing and text interpretation capabilities.
  • In addition to writing, a good grasp of grammar also allows for better skills at speaking. As a result, people who are able to articulate their words well sound more dependable and professional.

Young people, especially students preparing for higher learning are bound to benefit the most from studying English grammar formally.